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A major improvement from Access Code: Heaven. Difficulty wise, this game was much more balanced, and I thought the atmosphere is what made the game work. It was strange because at some random times, the music would cut out, so if that was fixed, I would probably enjoy the game a little more. Once again, it's still a pretty short game, but the structure and story made it much more interesting than Access Code: Heaven. The bosses are a little better here too. Still could be a little more interesting, but once again, big improvement.

Keep it up!

SPOILER ALERT (although its not like there's a complex plot or anything lol)

Don't know where you got the music from or if you produced it yourself, but it does not have a very consistent tone. I like the atmospheric parts though.

The controls are a little iffy, especially when it comes to the "wall stick" ability.

Are the door sprites from Axiom Verge? It looks quite like it. It doesn't really matter if you're practicing game development skills, so I don't see a problem with it.

The beach part that comes out of nowhere sticks out like a sore thumb, and it's kind of funny because after you see it once, you never see it again. Maybe some night sky background would have been more fitting.

The bosses are kind of boring, and need more interesting move sets.

It's not a very difficult game, and it's pretty short, but by no means is it bad. I hope you make a more fully developed game that has its own uniform style. Overall, pretty good.

Keep it up.

Very pleased with this metroidvania project. The music is really interesting and overall the design is clever stunning to look at.

I'm very happy to have played this. Keep it up!

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Wow, this one's awesome.

Interesting vibes. Nice to hear from you again!

Drops like a T-Rex for sure, haha. Nice to hear from you again. The mix-down is really good too.

Keep it up!

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much! Well it was easier to mix tbh like most of my songs fast BPM and layers its a lot harder.

This one was simplified but each part kinda "maxed?".
...if that makes sense.

Thanks for the awesome comment!!!!

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Lol, good times! I never rated art before but this is pretty funny. With time you can make better pictures, but It's better than what I could ever do, so good luck!

AbsurdTyler responds:

Funny thing is that it's based on a real coppercab video that was made September of this year. :D
The youtube video is called "Pokémon go..... To Hell!" It's so freaking funny how he thinks Pokémon is real. XD

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